Live Animal Trapping Glendora

Rodent Guys is licensed by the Cal Dept of Fish and Game for trapping animals in Glendora, California for tree squirrels, skunks, opossum, raccoon, ground squirrels or other wild animals damaging property.  Rodent Guys uses traps and techniques in accordance with Fish and Game and abide by the laws and regulations for animal removal in Glendora California.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon and teeth


Our Glendora wildlife trapping service is typically used by Glendora property owners that are having damage being done to their structure or yard.  Sometimes an animal uses the structure for a nest to birth their young, which is often the case with raccoon.  Animal damage is also caused from the animal looking for food in the turf or the trash bins.

Common wild animal removal projects:

  • Raccoon removal
  • Opossum removal
  • Skunk removal
  • Tree Squirrel Removal
  • Ground Squirrel Removal
  • Gopher removal
  • Mole removal

Rodent Guys wildlife experts will do an onsite evaluation to determine possible ways to control the problem.  Depending on the situation this entails removing an animal off the Glendora property.  Other times fixes to the structure or landscaping to discourage the animals from returning, and in some circumstances both types of remedies will be offered.  We prefer for the property owner and/or tenant to be onsite when we arrive for these animal problems so we can talk about the problem and solutions.

If we do live animal removal on your Glendora property we place traps made specific to trap the target animal(s).  We also use baits that are known to perform well to lure target pests along with proper trap placement to secure the highest possible trapping success.  These traps must be checked daily by Rodent Guys or the tenant/land owner and trapped animals removed.

Trapped animals will be removed according to State of California laws.  Rodent Guys will initially inspect the area, set up traps, bait the traps and remove all trapped animals.  Our typical residential live animal trapping program in Glendora, CA is scheduled for up to ten days of trapping with a cost per animal caught and removed.


With the trapping services, we will agree on which animals are to be removed from your property if trapped in a live animal trap and which animals are released without removal.  For example, if we are hired to trap a raccoon at your Glendora property and a cat happens into the trap and you wish not to have them removed as part of our scope of work, we will then let the animal go at no per animal charge.  The pests on the “remove” list will be removed from the property and charged at the per animal charge.



Sometimes you may be removing any animal that is tearing up your grass hunting for insects.  This includes raccoon, opossum and skunk.  If any of these animals are trapped they would be removed and you would be charged the price per animal fee.  However, if a squirrel or other non-target animal is caught we would release it with no harm and at no charge to you.

Call Rodent Guys today to get more information about Glendora live animal trapping today and see how we can assist you.  We are licensed trappers by the California Department of Fish and Game to service all your trapping needs.