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Rodent Guys Pest Control exterminate Pocket Gophers, Moles and Squirrels from your Redlands, CA house. Our company is the best company in gopher control in Redlands.  Rodent Guys uses use traps and/or carbon monoxide making it an organic technique to exterminate pocket gophers, get rid of moles or remove pesky squirrels in Redlands. Rodent Guys Gopher Service of So Calif is the most well known choice.  Rodent Guys has a ton of experience focusing on gopher control, mole control and ground squirrel removal, Rodent Guys is a nice option for Redlands Gopher Control homeowners.

60-day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service  

Redlands Gopher Control Procedures

Gopher Control

Gopher Control

When performing Redlands Gopher Control you will notice they leave a fan shaped mound above ground when making a new burrow.  This pile is made by the rodent pushing the soil out of the new burrow system.  Since they come to the surface out of your dirt on a 45 deg. angle, the soil in pushed in a single direction.  This makes a flat side where no dirt is pushed and a kidney shaped mound where the soil is thrown out of the hole which is visible from your Redlands home.

Our normal methods for Redlands Gopher Control use traps and carbon monoxide gas injection.  Trapping gophers in Redlands is safe for pets and does not leave any poisons behind.  Carbon monoxide gas is also safe for pets and your family.  This combination is very effective and will get your yard gopher free safely.

Rodent Guys Pest Service

Gophers are agricultural pests and usually damage landscaping and turf. They eat on many varieties of plants at your Redlands property, and the mounds they make can be unsightly, damaging to turf, and cause trip hazards on athletic fields and parks. That trip hazard is also important for horse and livestock owners. These facilities feel it is important to exterminate gophers to protect their expensive livestock from twisting their legs.  With our knowledge and experience, Rodent Guys is ones to call for Redlands Gopher Control.

Mole Control

Mole Extermination

We prefer trapping moles as our main method of mole control.  Trapping moles is harder than trapping other rodents.  We use different types of traps to make them work in various types of soil conditions in Redlands.   In some situations, we will also place poisons.  Normally we do not rely on poison alone because we have not found any that work consistently in.  We are the best mole extermination company around.

Ground Squirrels

Squirrel Control
Ground Squirrel

Ground squirrels cause destruction to fruit and nut trees, vegetable gardens and dig wide holes in Redlands, CA. Homeowners can have some success with controlling squirrels. However, due to a change in US EPA labeling requirements, bait sold by the County Agricultural Commissioner offices are no longer for sale to non-licensed people. Keep in mind, squirrel bait can pose a risk to pets and wildlife around your Redlands property if misused. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY in the event you use poison on your property.

Rodent Guys is family owned and operated by Nick Nielsen and his family.  They specialize in rodent control and non poison approaches.  Rodent Guys is licensed by the Dept of Pesticide Regulation and have licensed trappers with the Dept of Fish and Game.  Rodent Guys also carries a million dollar insurance policy and is dedicated to customer service.




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