Los Angeles Gopher Control and Removal

  • Los Angeles Gopher Control and Removal
  • Los Angeles Gopher Control and Removal
  • Los Angeles Gopher Control and Removal

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60-day Standard Guarantee for Gopher and Moles

Rodent Guys gopher removal service protects your property from the devastating damage by gophers and moles. Our Los Angeles residential treatment for gophers uses no poisons and is safe for kids, dogs, cats and other wildlife. We use unique and safe approaches for gopher control with the best guarantee of anyone around.

Our normal approach for gopher control for both residential and commercial gopher removal is a combination of trapping and gas injection. We do not use the normal poison bait which is strychnine or gopher poison similar to that of rat poison. We have found their effectiveness is limited and the danger to pets and other wildlife is great.

Instead we start out by setting traps in the gopher tunnels near recent gopher activity. These traps are placed inside the gopher’s tunnel with irrigation flags marking their location. Rodent Guys will normally let the traps sit for 1-7 days depending on schedule, weather and the technician’s recommendation.

When we come to Los Angeles area residence retrieve the traps all the dead gophers will be removed from the tunnels. We will then use our carbon monoxide machines to inject carbon monoxide gas into the gopher tunnels killing any other gophers in the tunnel including any young in the nest. Using two differnt methods such as these gives excellent gopher control allowing us to give the best guarantee for gopher control.