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Gopher Control: 

Gopher Control

Gopher Removal

Rodent Guys are the premeir company for removing gophers and moles from your property. Gopher Control is one of our biggest jobs and our true specialty. We are serious about being the best in removing gophers and we can take care of your infestation of gophers on a one-time or monthly program. We have several ways to take care of your gophers

Our normal method for residential gopher control involves trapping and carbon monoxide.  Both of these methods are pet-safe and child safe leaving no residue or dangerous poisons behind.  Using two seperate gopher removal techniques give excellent gopher control allowing us to offer to best guarantee for gophers.  

Ground Squirrel Removal:

Rodent Guys is licensed in agricultural pest control and is the best company to call for removing and killing ground squirrels that may be digging around your foundation, destroying crops and effecting your yard. The squirrels are fun but damaging to property. Because of this some people hesitate to remove or kill squirrels until they find the damage they are causing. Several techniques can be used to kill ground squirrels and when we come to your property we will come up with the best and safest way to eliminate your squirrels. Rodent Guys are the the ones to call for a ground squirrel removal company in So California. More in depth  information on ground squirrels and squirrel control methods please see our ground squirrels page. 

Mole Removal :

Rodent Guys Pest Control are mole experts and can get your property back to it’s mole controlled status. Rodent Guys know how to kill moles and how to eliminate moles from your property. We love being the best problem solvers for moles including being effective with moles at homes and comercial properties. Rodent Guys can take care of your moles on a one-time or other scheduled program. We use several techniques to kill lawn moles .

We are equipped to use mole traps, poison for moles, blow up mole tunnels with our Burrow Blaster and Tunnel Fill to fill tunnels made by moles.

Moles push dirt up along the driveway, around rocks, trees and hardscape. This is one big difference between a mole and a gopher.  The mole eats bugs, grubs and worms. Moles create mole mounds which are volcano shaped and can be very large. When Rodent Guys show up to your home or business we can see right away if it is a mole doing the damage on your lawn or a gopherWe will determine the most effective way to eliminate moles using either mole bait or mole traps or both. 

Vole Removal:

Rodent Guys Pest Control are Vole pros. Voles are normally located in the grass with small open holes with grass missing near the opening. Usually voles will take over existing tunnels of other burrowing animals to make their vole burrow. Voles, also known as field mice, removal can be done with poisons or traps with good control.  Vole holes are much smaller than a gopher or mole and are always open.

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